Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux

Established in 2001 in the memory of Rodolphe Mérieux, it changed its name to 'Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux' in 2007.

This independent organization is placed under the aegis of the Institut de France. Its mission is to contribute to the creation of health training centers, diagnosis and treatment in developing countries.

In close collaboration with Fondation Mérieux

Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux dedicates its resources to financing projects in the field. Using the expertise and human resources of the Foundation, the latter exercises operational control over its programmes.

The two foundations share a common vision for public health and development working side by side in the field.

The Foundation supports programmes of patient care as well as scientific and technical training in emerging countries. It also contributes to the economic development in local communities through the system of micro-credits.

In Africa, Asia and Central America

In Mali, Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux has allowed the construction and facilitation of the Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory located in the Centre of Infectiology Charles Mérieux of Bamako.

In Cambodia, it has financed, in partnership with Fondation Pierre Fabre, the construction of classrooms and the Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory for the University of Pharmacy in Phnom Penh. The foundation still contributes to the teaching of the pharmacy lessons offered by the University.

In Haiti, it supports the action of GHESKIO in the screening and treatment of infectious diseases and finances the organization of micro-credits for women affected by HIV / AIDS. Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux has also contributed to the construction of the Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory at the heart of the IMIS Center (Institute of Infectious Diseases and Reproductive Health).

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