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Emerging Pathogens Laboratory (EPL)

Emerging Pathogens Laboratory (EPL)

One of Fondation Mérieux's priorities is to support scientific applied research on infectious diseases in developing countries. With this in mind, in January 2008 Fondation Mérieux has set-up a scientific directorate a team of researchers located in the 'Emerging Pathogens Laboratory' in Gerland, close to the P4 Jean Mérieux Laboratory and LyonBiopole.

The Emerging Pathogens Laboratory team is made up of 5 researchers, 4 technicians and students preparing their thesis. Dedicated to applied research in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology and protein biochemistry, its objective is to reveal infectious pathogens associated with a pathology: respiratory, encephalitis, haemorrhagic fever…

The Fondation's scientific team has thus a P2 and P3 zone, and a molecular biology laboratory, covering an area of 300 m2. The scientists have also access to the P4 Jean Mérieux Laboratory and to the technological platforms of IFR 128 BioSciences Gerland–Lyon and bioMérieux.

The Emerging Pathogens Laboratory concentrates on 3 main activities: setting up tools for epidemiological monitoring in developing countries; discovery of appropriate bio-markers for the study of infectious pathogens; creation and transfer of technologies adapted to research in developing countries.

The Emerging Pathogens Laboratory has developped and now leads a network of laboratories, GABRIEL Network.

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