Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Fondation Mérieux in Laos

In brief

  • First Fondation Mérieux mission in 2005

  • Fondation Mérieux office : 2 expatriates

  • Christophe Mérieux Infectiology Center and Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory in Vientiane within the University of Health Sciences* (2009)
    Extension in 2015

  • One GABRIEL network member: the Lao Ministry of Health

Christophe Mérieux Laboratory research focus

  • Respiratory infections and tuberculosis

  • HIV/AIDS and human papillomavirus (HPV)

  • Hepatitis

Support to clinical biology laboratories

  • Renovation of 9 hospital laboratories since 2009

    • Renovation and equipping of the laboratory of Thakhek (2009)

    • 8 laboratories rehabilitated in the Khammouane province (2013)

  • Implementation of hydroalcoholic solution production units in the Luang-Prabang and Sekong province hospitals.

  • Network of laboratories in the Khammouane province
    This project aims at reinforcing the system of laboratories at district level in the Khammouane province. Training sessions for laboratory personnel are organized on the themes of hospital hygiene, diabetes, hematologic constants and the pre-analytical phase.

  • HIV viral load testing
    This program in partnership with the National HIV/AIDS Program and with Global Fund funding aims to do the biological follow-up on people living with HIV/AIDS under antiviral treatment. Indeed, these analyses allow to measure viral RNA levels in patients’ blood.

  • Performing of HIV viral load testing and early diagnosis in newborns by searching for proviral DNA.

  • Performing of HIV virus genotyping in case of resistance appearance suspicion.

  • LaoCol VP: papillomavirus in women living with HIV in Laos*
    This study examines the cost-effectiveness of the CareHPV® test use compared to cervical smears in order to detect precancerous or cancerous lesions in HIV infected women.

Current research projects

  • Molecular typing of tuberculosis strains as part of the ID-Bio International Research Group study in Southeast Asia

  • Quality initiative
    Laos is one of 4 pilot sites for the quality initiative. The initiative helps GABRIEL member laboratories to meet the requirements for international ISO 15189 accreditation.

  • LaCoRIS project: study on respiratory infectious diseases in cohorts in Vientiane
    The objective of this study is to measure the incidence rates of acute respiratory diseases in the Vientiane province. It also aims at identifying the pathogens that cause acute respiratory diseases in the urban and peri-urban areas in Laos.

  • Support to the assessment study of resistance to first-line HIV antiviral treatment.

Training and knowledge-sharing

  • Antibioguide Project: A guide on the prescription of antibiotics adapted to national bacterial infections has been published for Laotian doctors.

Support to local intiatives

  • Support to Lao PHA (Lao Positive Health Association), association of patients living with HIV

*With support of Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux

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