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GLOBE Portal

One of the aims of Fondation Mérieux is to promote amongst healthcare professionals the exchange of knowledge and expertise and to provide training in developing countries .in the area of infectious diseases. In this framework a new web portal GLOBE (Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise) dedicated to healthcare professionals and scientists, was initiated in order to improve and reinforce expertise and networking.

GLOBE is oriented towards three main themes:

  • Biology laboratories sciences and activities: is related to the development and strengthening of the management, the quality and the operating procedures (testing, sampling, interpretation of results) in biomedical laboratories.

  • Epidemiology and disease surveillance: aims to increase the basic knowledge and the dissemination of specific tools required for implementing epidemiologic studies, managing outbreaks as well as setting surveillance systems.

  • Prevention and vaccines: is dedicated to the reinforcement of infectious diseases prevention and particularly vaccine awareness and skills but also for establishing local expertise and specific networking for exchanging experiences in this field.

Strengthening healthcare professionals capacities using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The portal provides several e-tools: e-network, e-learning, online resources as well as news and announcements information:

  • E-network: as well as a private working and exchange area for different networks of specialistse-network as well as a private working and exchange area for different networks of specialists.

  • E-learning: via interactive modules and Standard Operation Procedures.

  • Online resources

  • News and announcements: of specific local information.

GLOBE is designed to promote North-South and South-South exchanges using an interactive platform for information and knowledge dissemination.

In addition to experts and partners involved in this program, the Globe users are encouraged to play a major role in the development of the portal by submitting new content and by being active members of the network.


Josette Najjar-Pellet
Courses and Training Manager

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