Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Guiding Principles

Building sustainable local skills

Mérieux has successfully completed practical aid projects in the emerging nations, thus contributing to sustainable development: the building of lecture rooms and a laboratory for pharmacy students in Madagascar, setting up of a system for supplying reagents to a clinical laboratory in Laos, financial support for scientific research in Cambodia, setting up of a training scheme for laboratory technicians in Mali…

Wherever possible, Fondation Mérieux forms public and private partnerships in the country in which it is active to ensure the long-term future of its projects. The purpose of this being that should Fondation Mérieux one day withdraw from a country, the structures set up will remain in place.

Advocate partnerships and networking

In its activity, Fondation Mérieux team has the support of a unique international network of scientific experts (doctors, pharmacists, researchers, specialists in infectious diseases, vaccinology, epidemiology…)

The Foundation does not carry out its projects by itself. It obtains support from many private partners – such as the Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux – and public partners, such as international development organizations (NGOs, foundations…), international health authorities (such as the WHO) and government health authorities. Fondation Mérieux bases its activities on a global approach to help developing countries in the field of public health.

Pursue non-profit making fully independent objectives

Fondation Mérieux observes principles of absolute transparency and pursues non-profit making objectives. It is independent of any industrial or commercial interest.

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