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Haiti Emergency Fund

Fondation Mérieux intensifies its support to its historical partners in Haiti to help the victims of the earthquake

With the catastrophic extent of the earthquake of 13 January 2010, Fondation Mérieux has created a Haiti Emergency Fund in order to help its Haitian partners.

This Haiti Emergency Fund is intended to receive the funds of Fondation Mérieux and of all the contributors who want to help the GHESKIO medical centres and the disadvantaged children aided by the organisation 'Frère Armand'.

Since 2005, Fondation Mérieux has collaborated with the GHESKIO centres and various organisations bringing aid to disadvantaged children.

Immediate priorities

According to the message received by Fondation Mérieux from Professor William Pape (Founder and Director of the GHESKIO centres), the immediate priorities for Haiti are the following:

  • Clear obstructed roads so that help can reach the victimes;

  • Set up specialized teams to save those people trapped under the debris;

  • Set up shelters for people who had been made homeless;

  • Need for medical and surgical supplies;

  • Need for water;

  • Need for ready to use food;

  • Need to quickly organisation the burial of the thousands who are dead;

  • Set up a emergency hospital; the buildings of de 'Médecins Sans Frontières' being destroyed;

  • Emegency mesures to prevent infections.

"Dear Friends,
We have been lucky. I have received news from many of our colleagues who are safe. My knee has been slightly injured by a piece of ceiling that fell on my leg. When everything began I was in a meeting with the Prime Minister, the Health Minister, the Director General and the Directors of WHO and UNAIDS. We were all able to get out before the room collapsed. The walls around the GHESKIO centres and the buildings have been damaged, particularly those of the former GHESKIO centres."
Professeur Bill Pape.

Fondation Mérieux

Fondation Mérieux has been present in Haiti for many years. The Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory built for GHESKIO has been affected by the earthquake. Fondation Mérieux remains of course at the side of the GHESKIO centres to make sure that the Laboratory rbecomes operational as soon as possible.

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