Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Research Programmes

Research Programmes

Fondation Mérieux is involved at various levels, supporting researchers in developing countries, and also directly conducting research programmes in its own laboratories.

The Foundation supports applied research programmes mainly in the field of respiratory infections and multi resistant tuberculosis. She is partner of research projects on HIV / AIDS, malaria, hepatitis and is also committed in studying diseases on which very little work has so far been carried out. These include diseases such as hemorrhagic fevers and enteric fevers (typhoid fever) which are a serious concern in developing countries.

Fondation Mérieux actively support the set up of tools for epidemiological monitoring, locating biomarkers of interest for studying infectious agents and creating and transferring technologies suited to research in developing countries.

To conduct its applied research activities, Fondation Mérieux has created an international network of research laboratories, the GABRIEL Network.

Fondation Mérieux takes part in numerous local research programs on major pathologies (tuberculosis, HIV and malaria), providing expert advice, technical resources and financial assistance.

Grants are awarded to young postgraduate scientists from industrialized and developing countries to work on infectious diseases, in order to promote North / South exchanges and cooperation.

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