Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Support to Innovative Initiatives

Support to Innovative Initiatives

Fondation Mérieux strives to bring comprehensive public health solutions to each country in which it becomes involved. For this, it is committed wholeheartedly in providing care for people affected by infectious diseases, women and children being its top priorities.

Improving access to screening and treatment, enabling the sick to become economically active again through microloans, supporting local NGOs in the area of food and water security, contributing to equipping and / or renovating and managing health and community infrastructures, managing a solidarity fund for street children: through these kinds of activities Fondation Mérieux aims to reduce people’s vulnerability to the risk of infection.

This commitment to disadvantaged populations was of particular importance in 2010 in Haiti, where the Foundation and its partners set out to provide solutions in the area of clinical biology, as well as emergency measures to help the people.

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