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One of the main activities of Fondation Mérieux is the diffusion of scientific information and innovation.

To build local capacity and foster ownership of the tools introduced in developing countries, Fondation Mérieux organizes, supports and develops training courses and educational material for health professionals.

The themes are different, academic partners numerous and training sites multiple.

Courses such as ADVAC (Advanced Course on Vaccinology) organized with the University of Geneva, and ACDx (Advanced Course on Diagnostics) organized with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, are held annually at Les Pensières Conference Centre. The French course on Vaccinology, coordinated by Fondation Mérieux in collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur MSD, is a flagship training course dedicated to the continued training of health professionals.

Othercourses leading to diploma qualification such as BAMS (Bachelor of Sciences of Applied Medical Sciences) organized with the Catholic University of Lyon, and the postgraduate degree in specialized biology organized by the University of Cambodia are supported and take place in countries where Fondation Mérieux has a presence (Cambodia, Haiti and Mali).

In order to pursue its objective of strengthening local capabilities and with the rise of new technology, the Foundation has created a web portal, GLOBE (Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise). GLOBE deals with themes at the heart of the Foundation’s activities:

  • Biology laboratories sciences and activities

  • Epidemiology and disease surveillance

  • Prevention and vaccines

GLOBE provides several communication, exchange and training tools. It also hosts several networks, GABRIEL, RESAOLAB and ACDx.


Josette Najjar
Training Manager

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